Duggan Hill – An eerie audio drama podcast

We found ourselves googling “Sasha Ismond Duggan Hill” after listening to a couple of episodes of this podcast. We wanted to find out if this audio drama was based on a true story. That’s how compelling the plot is.

Duggan Hill is a “found audio” podcast. According to the storyline, the audio recordings were made during the summer of 2015, which makes it just the right age to be neither too archaic nor too recent.

The first season came out in 2018. It seemed self-contained, but the second season took the story to a more complete conclusion of sorts. Hence, it’s best to listen to the episodes in chronological order. Anyway, it’s time to delve deeper.

Sasha Ismond was travelling back from Vancouver and called up Zoe, her ex-partner, to ask her to pick up the cats in their shared custody. She called Zoe again the next day, to let her know that she was travelling with a total stranger she had met a few hours ago, and that she was just minutes away from her father’s home. That was the last anyone heard from Sasha.

Duggan Hill is an investigation into Sasha’s disappearance. Zoe, a journalist, takes it upon herself to look for Sasha. She goes to Sasha’s hometown, Duggan Hill, a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada wrapped in a fog of secrets. Following Zoe is a rewarding experience, and some episodes legit gave us goosebumps.

The music is haunting and fits the narrative well. The cast is impressive. Andy Garland has crafted a unique audio drama.

To nitpick, the audio levels on this podcast seem much lower than usual. Even with the volume cranked to the max we couldn’t get that immersive experience on our cans. This issue was resolved in season two. Maybe they can remaster and re-release season one.

There is a good deal of body horror here, and content can get a bit explicit at times. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Listen

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