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As an internet veteran, you must have stumbled upon the online forum called Reddit. It’s a place where anyone can submit links or stories for others to vote on. Submissions with more votes rise to the top of the list as “hot” and the ones with lesser votes get ranked lower.

Subreddits are micro-communities within Reddit where users share and discuss similar interests. For example, /r/pics is a Reddit sub-community dedicated to sharing pictures. Memes take birth on Reddit before crawling into social media. Since 2005, Reddit has been home to plenty of discussions– knowledgeable, funny, crazy, and sometimes plain scary. It is one of the most visited websites in the world and ripe for mining content.

Endless Thread, hosted by Ben Brock Johnson and Amory Sivertson scours the site for the most compelling stories and brings them to life in an audio format.

One of the most heartwarming and popular episodes would probably be Gator Roll. They are three standalone stories about love, all poignant and lovely. The content might seem TMI at some points, but that somehow increases the believability.

However, not all stories are mushy and feel-good. Some come with a trigger warning. One of them is I Was Abducted. It is a horrifying confession with multiple trigger warnings related to child abuse and kidnapping. There are also episodes like Getting Home which is a truly surprising and spine-chilling tale about one man and his folder which contained all his important documents.

The makers of the show track down the original commenters and interview them and incorporate their voices into the episodes. This takes the listener deeper into the story and brings it to life instead of just being words on a webpage.

Production is decent but the recurring ad gets a little jarring after a point, though. Also, the pandering to redditors by forcing subreddit names in the closing credits is cringy.

But overall, a nice listen. If you are looking for stories of humanity that cover a world of emotions and ideas, this podcast could be your pick. Get a new perspective on things you never thought you’d care about. Listen

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