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We love listening to horror stories, enjoying the chills going down our spine as scary narratives unfold. That is why horror is a classic genre for podcasts.

Knifepoint Horror, created and narrated by Soren Narnia, brings back old-school horror yarns, interwoven with elements of real-life suspense. Narnia is an author of horror and suspense books and short stories who has made a successful switch to podcasting. Episodes are irregular, as Soren writes on his Patreon, “I can never quite tell when the inspiration will strike next.”

The name Soren Narnia is, of course, a pseudonym – inspired by C.S. Lewis’ fantasy series.

Launched in 2010, the anthology podcast has gained a loyal following. The first episode we listened to was ‘staircase’ (die-hard fans claim it’s the scariest) and we were left sufficiently spooked. For a podcast that has been around for ten years, there aren’t a lot of episodes, which makes it apparent that the show is quality over quantity.

The production is faultless and complements the stellar narration that Narnia delivers. Soren Narnia is an excellent writer as well, as is evident from the content of his stories. None of the episodes is in any way, cheesy, or overdone. The stories are laden with suspense and foreboding, which makes them a delight to listen to.

Many episodes have an unresolved ending, which is impactful. We found ourselves thinking about them days after we had finished listening.

We must mention two interesting things about Knifepoint Horror.

  1. There are some full-cast audio dramas amongst narrated stories. Like ‘The Lockbox’, which was a pleasant surprise.
  2. Soren doesn’t hold on to the rights to the stories. So if you like an episode, you are free to turn it into a short film or something. Neat, isn’t it?

If you are looking for some seriously scary stuff, this show will not disappoint. Listen

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