6 quick bite podcasts to make your day a little brighter

Quick bites. The title sounds like a snack, and that is exactly what these podcasts are – snacks to munch on while you do the things you do.

When looking for a podcast to listen to while you’re riding on your daily commute, or while working out, it is difficult to commit to a three-hour-long episode of Joe Rogan. You don’t want to relapse into that Sad Songs #43 playlist either. That’s where these short-form podcasts come into play! Here are 6 we love listening to.

1. Ungeniused

Do you have a dark sense of humour? Have you ever been told, “Stop laughing, that’s not funny!”? Then you’ll love this podcast. Episode #4, for example, is about Inventors killed by their own inventions. Oof.

The premise is random topics, the wackiest and the most macabre articles out of Wikipedia. Hosts Myke Hurley and Stephen Hackett discuss them through an entertaining conversation.

The factoids gained from this podcast might not be of much use to you in real life. But something might come handy during the next pub trivia night! The episodes have a wide range of topics, like expiration dates of medicines, air guitar, weird sports and Pi day. Average running time: 12 minutes. Listen

2. Thinking Face

This one is a breath of fresh air – an emoji review podcast hosted by Jeremy Greer (a complete emoji greenhorn) and Chris Mosher (a seasoned emoji veteran). The concept is novel and new episodes come along every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a new emoji being discussed every episode.

A podcast about emojis may initially seem like a massive prank. But the banter actually gave us some weird but very logical alternatives to our emoji interpretations. It makes the podcast a fun listen, and well – if you’ve ever wondered what a certain weird emoji meant, why not check this podcast out? We give it three strawberries. Average runtime: 5 minutes. Listen

3. The Memory Palace

Nate DiMeo’s soothing voice narrates moments from history accompanied by pleasing background music. This podcast started in 2008, and each episode clocks around 10 minutes, with newer ones inching towards 20. DiMeo has a rich experience working in radio, and this podcast came into being once he realized his capabilities as a host. We applaud his format – to pack the punch of a pop song into a podcast episode.

This is not just another history podcast. Stories are enriched with an insight into human nature, ambition, bravery, a bit of humour, and occasionally – Swedish opera singers. Listen to The Memory Palace to gain a new outlook on the anecdotes you’ve maybe heard earlier. Listen

4. The Way I Heard It

Mike Rowe has interesting stories to tell. Rowe is a master storyteller, and the episodes are proof of this. The episodes are about personalities or events that you thought you knew.

Our personal favourite is the episode about the epicurean adventures of a chef aboard a ship before it sank (no, this isn’t a spoiler!)
Here are two samples of the quirky episode descriptions Mike writes:
> The doctor told her not to sing… but she did anyway.
> How did the clerks in a modest grocery store change the world as we know it?
Average running time: 8 minutes. Listen

5. A Moment Of Your Time

This is a podcast that took shape during the global coronavirus pandemic.

The host is Jenny Curtis, and the podcast is based on submissions from listeners around the world. Anyone, of any age, is welcome to share their views, pieces of music, stories – anything goes.

The podcast has only a few episodes till now, and all of them wrap up in 10 minutes, making them the perfect bite-size listens. The content of the episodes is heartwarming, including one written by Chris Porter, about his cat. The cat does not know about the pandemic of course and is suspicious of his owner being at home all the time.

If you’ve been down because of the lockdown, listen to this show. You’re sure to feel a bit cheery afterwards. Listen

6. Bizarre Albums

A quick-bite podcast about music, it is hosted by Tony Thaxton, a drummer by profession. This is a treat for lovers of pop music and pop culture because it brings forth the weirdest of pop music artefacts.

It is endearing listening to Tony celebrate the misfits of the pop music world. Each episode is supremely entertaining without resorting to mockery, and he connects the weirdest of topics, like Robert Simmons with Fellini. Floats your boat?

Some of these episodes are so informative, even hardcore pop culture aficionados will be given a run for their money. If your brain is craving for a random trivia fix, this is the perfect remedy for you. Average runtime: 18 minutes. Listen

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