Listening to podcasts shouldn't be complicated.

Sonnet is a simple, clutter-free podcast app for Android that is a joy to use.


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Intuitive Interface

Clean and modern UI makes podcasts easier than ever.

Dark theme included

Switch from light to dark with one tap.

Free, No ads

No annoying banner or pop-up ads. Just pure listening.

Ready for something new?

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"It's so easy!"

Sonnet was designed with new listeners in mind.
In our research we discovered that they found existing podcast apps on Android clunky and confusing. Bad user experience should not deter anyone from listening.

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  • “First rate app. Most podcast apps are incredibly complex and very confusing, even for experienced users. Sonnet has boiled everything down and made a fully functional app that is very easy to use. Highly recommended.”
    — Paul Biba, former Editor-in-Chief of TeleRead
  • “Clean design. Small size. Super fast. Really digging it!”
    — Mike C, Podcast listener
  • “I like that the learning curve is basically flat. Would definitely recommend to my listeners.”
    — Madhav G, Podcaster
  • “It's wild how good this is. Free of bloat (have just uninstalled Castbox for serious clutter) and just works like a dream. I cannot imagine finding better. Thanks!”
    — George Alexander, Podcast listener
  • “Scroll no further. This is the best podcast app available. Download it and you won't regret it.”
    — Artzan John, Podcast listener