Andrew Yang to launch his own podcast?

Update: The podcast is to be called Let Yang Speak, apparently.

Andrew Yang, the internet’s favourite presidential candidate is supposedly starting a new podcast of his own. Yang almost confirmed this on Twitter.

Andrew Yang’s meteoric rise was nothing short of stellar.

Yang managed to stay in the Democratic Presidential primary race longer than other established, known political players through his unique brand of irreverence, humor, and common-sense appeal – traits that can come in handy as a podcast host. At the foundation of his campaign promises was the Freedom dividend – a universal basic income of $1,000 a month for every American adult.

But Yang had to drop out after the first two primaries when the “MATH” didn’t seem to work out in his favor.

The most obvious reason for him not gaining enough traction was a media blackout. He would frequently be misnamed, or completely ignored during discussions and reporting on cable news networks, even as he was polling higher than some of his competition.

With a podcast of his own Andrew Yang could reach millions more and create share-worthy content that brings more people into the YangGang. A lot of people got exposed to Yang’s vision when Joe Rogan’s episode with him came out. Longtime CNN contributor Van Jones is rumoured to be a co-host on Yang’s podcast.

There is a strange shift appearing in the modern political landscape as podcasts and livestreams take centerstage. The belief among Yang’s fans is that by creating alternate media properties Yang can reach critical mass and eventually be a known figure by 2024 elections. Yang even acknowledged this when he tweeted:

Familiarity seems to be a big asset when running for office.

It’s also likely that Yang will film the podcast and upload entire episodes on YouTube. The Humanity Forward fund that he created continues to rake in donations so a small studio for Andrew Yang to express his thoughts and offer commentary on the current state of society seems like a no-brainer.

The biggest roadblock Yang might face is the fact that only 32% of the population listens to podcasts monthly. His 2024 bid would entirely depend on him becoming a figure everyone recognises and identifies with.

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